Our Team

The Board of Directos for the Turks & Caicos Reef Fund is comprised of watersport operators, educators and other interested parties from throughout the TCI.  They volunteer their time to help guide the management of the TCRF in their fund-raising and environmental program processes.

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Don Stark, chairman & Founder, Producer, Director and Videographer

Since becoming a certified diver in 1988, Mr. Stark’s passion for the sport and for the beauty of the underwater world has guided him toward a career capitalizing on both these interests. His dive travels have allowed him to view and appreciate the diverse diving experiences offered by a wide variety of locales throughout the Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii, Bahamas, U.S. East Coast and the Pacific Coast of North America from Vancouver Island to San Diego. As an underwater videographer since 1992, Mr. Stark has focused his work on capturing the unique characteristics and beauty of each dive locale, with much of that effort today focused on the marine environment of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

In addition to being an experienced diver and underwater videographer, Mr. Stark is an award-winning producer, director and editor. Since founding ScubaVision Productions he has won ten awards for both his underwater and above water productions.   He is also a PADI certified Open Water Scuba Instructor.

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David Stone, founder, Photographer, Naturalist and Diver

For over 30 years, David M. Stone was a professional nature photographer specializing in  plants and landscapes. His work has been featured in virtually every plant, garden and landscaping magazine as well as Audubon Field Guides and National Geographic Filmstrips. In addition, David was the principle photographer for The Victory Garden Landscape Guide published by Little, Brown. His most recent photography can be seen in The Lionfish Cookbook published by REEF in December 2010.  David is also the founder of Photographic Solutions, an international company based in Florida that specializes in photographic cleaning products for both still and digital photographers.

In December 2016, David resigned from the TCRF for personal reasons, but continues to encourage and support the organization.   

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Sandra silver, treasurer

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Kathleen McNary Wood, Environmentalist, SWA Environmental, Provo, TCI


Dr. Joel Goldfarb, MD, NY

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Bradley Handfield, Pastor, Provo, tci

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Heidi Hertler, PhD Center Director, Center for Marine Resource Studies, School for Field Studies, South Caicos, TCI

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Philip Shearer, Big Blue Watersports

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Benneth S. Williams, Educator, International School, Provo, TCI