Dive/Snorkel Boat Mooring Status Update to DEMA for 4th Quarter 2012

Moorings Work - Status Report for 4th Quarter 2012 (Issued 22 December 2012) The following is a listing of all the work that was completed in the 4th Quarter of 2012 on dive boat and snorkel boat moorings in the TCI by the Turks and Caicos Reef Fund with a great deal of assistance from the local watersports operators as noted.

Provo North Side: Replaced moorings on Aquarium West, Piranha Cove, and Arawak – Arawak is a site about 180 yards east of Boneyard that has not had a mooring on it for as long as I can remember (thank you, Art Pickering and Provo Turtle Divers)

Identified 10 new snorkel mooring sites just east of Leeward Cut to be installed as soon as weather permits (thank you, Big Blue).

GPS coordinates for the 10 new sites are:

Leeward Snorkel 01 N 21 50.649, W 072 09.587

Leeward Snorkel 02 N 21 50.624, W 072 09.615

Leeward Snorkel 03 N 21 50.601, W 072 09.631

Leeward Snorkel 04 N 21 50.566, W 072 09.663

Leeward Snorkel 05 N 21 50.534, W 072 09.698

Leeward Snorkel 06 N 21 50.506, W 072 09.727

Leeward Snorkel 07 N 21 50.487, W 072 09.755

Leeward Snorkel 08 N 21 50.445, W 072 09.788

Leeward Snorkel 09 N 21 50.423, W 072 09.827

Leeward Snorkel 10 N 21 50.392, W 072 09.858

Mooring pins will be drilled and installed at these sites as soon as the drill is back in fully operational order and weather is amenable to doing the work – target is by end of January 2013.

Pine Cay

Provided Big Blue with a replacement mooring set up for Football Field and a new mooring ball for Eagle Ray Pass. These will be installed as soon as weather permits.

Northwest Point Area

Replace the long missing mooring on Shark Hotel (thank you, TCI Aggressor II) and replaced a black 5-gallon bucket mooring ball with a proper white with blue stripe buoy (thank you, Provo Turtle Divers)

Replaced the missing mooring ball on Eel Garden (thank you, TCI Aggressor II)

Replaced the missing mooring on Thunderdome (thank you, TCI Aggressor II)

Replaced the missing mooring on Two Step Wall (thank you, Provo Turtle Divers)

Other Activities

Moved the moorings drill from DEMA storage to Big Blue only to discover the engine starter cord was broken. We have repaired that, but subsequently discovered that there are some other issues with the power unit. The plan is to take the unit to Marvin Johnson at Contractor’s Equipment and Supply to have it completed checked out prior to beginning the drilling for the new Leeward snorkel moorings. This will happen in early January after Mr. Johnson returns to Providenciales. Big Blue has agreed to transport it over to Mr. Johnson’s shop once I have made the arrangements to have it serviced and checked out.

Finally, have received letters of commitment from Club Med and Beaches. Copies attached. Awaiting letters from Flamingo Divers, Provo Turtle Divers, Dive Provo, Caicos Adventures, and Ocean Vibes.